Slivers [HIDE DEVICE X03]

from HIDE

We are proud to introduce our new AUDIO DEVICE!
SLIVERS, a granular looper developed by T.U.
Slivers allows users to create complex and modulated sonic landscapes from a single audio sample. It uses the new Multi Channel Max/MSP feature to generate and control various property of each single grain (rate, duration, pitch, ecc.).

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MAX 8 Required - Developed for Ableton 10.

Developed by T.U. (Luca Favaro)
Technical support by Weightausend (Matthias Girardi)
GUI by SY/IN (Alex Ortiga), T.U. & Piaghe

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HIDE Italy

HIDE is a multidisciplinary collective that investigates new artistic solutions using digital medium as an active part of the creative process.


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