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POLYDRIP2 is finally out!
POLYDRIP2 is not a sequel, but rather a “crazier” spinoff of the original Euclidean Pattern Generator. We kept trace of your feedback and requests, and these are the new features:
- Every sequence has a dedicated clock divider and speed control. Now they can go fast as heck or slow as a slug.
- Like previous devices, it’s main sequence can be reset sending a MIDI Note
- Every parameter has a reset command, and the sliders are mappable
- Included parameter modulator.
- More compact, more complex. No more Swing tho, too many feature do not always mean something to be better.
HOLYPOLY is an ultramegacompact note to parameter modulator for Ableton Live. It takes incoming notes and let's you map either the Pitch or the Velocity value to a fader/knob/etc. Glide, minmax control, integrated Note filter.

- Will PD1 be free? Yes, but it needs a bit of restyle first.
- Is PD2 better than the first one? Mh, no. They are different. If you don’t need polyrhythms, then the first version might be less complex to use and more suitable.
- No more Swing? Nope. The algorithm is pretty complicated, and a Swing parameter would break any other function.
- When will be shipped? On Wednesday, by the end of the day.

Developed by Weightausend (Matthias Girardi)
Graphics and GUI by SY/IN (Alex Ortiga)

ships out within 3 days

  €2.99 EUR or more 



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