HIDE Types 2020 [Complete bundle]

from HIDE

This item is a bundle which contains 7 custom types released by HIDE during 2020.
The display bundle will include:
Serpe: hide.bandcamp.com/merch/serpe-hide-type-06
N---E: hide.bandcamp.com/merch/n-e-hide-type-07
AON-09: hide.bandcamp.com/merch/aon-09-hide-type-09
Kimera: hide.bandcamp.com/merch/kimera-hide-type-11
Salix: hide.bandcamp.com/merch/salix-hide-type-10
HIDE Serif: hide.bandcamp.com/merch/hide-serif-hide-type-05
HideSans: hide.bandcamp.com/merch/hidesans-hide-type-12

Complete pack value is 80,30€, with this bundle you will receive 5 custom fonts for 64.90€!

>> Manual SHIPPINGS VIA E-MAIL in max 2-3 days <<

DISTRIBUTION IS NOT ALLOWED © HIDE Productions, Alex Ortiga, Erica Rossi 2020
Design and artworks by SY/IN (Alex Ortiga) - SALIX by Erica Rossi

ships out within 3 days

  €64.90 EUR or more 



HIDE Italy

HIDE is a multidisciplinary collective that investigates new artistic solutions using digital medium as an active part of the creative process.


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