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This is the first in a series of free packages containing 6 MaxForLive patchers with explanations and howtos. The modules were fundamental in the development of the HIDE devices, particularly the sequencers. The patchers contain utilities and ready to use algorithms, all programmed with basic objects to be portable to other softwares like Pure Data, Plogue Bidule and more.

DEVPAC is free, you can just download it from mediafire, by the way If you like to leave a donation, you can purchase the device here on bandcamp choosing a price. By doing so you'll contribute to our project and become part of the community: sometimes we release free stuff for whoever donated or purchased any of HIDE products.

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The package contains the following algorithms/engines:

This patcher contains the main core of the euclidean rhythm generator. The PolyDrip series uses this patcher as it's engine.
Basically, two counters interact together to create syncopated grooves, ,modulating the tempo values which have a self-similar connection between each other. HOOK uses this as the main engine to generate rhythms.
Takes a decimal value as input and converts it into 8bit binary code. The output of the rhythm follows the 1's (hits) and 0's (rests) of the binary convertion.
This accent generator adds Velocity values to a stream of MIDI Notes distributing the values according to the number of events received in the input. It's similar to the euclidean algorithm in some ways.
This module is based on the Christoffel algorithm, and the output might be similar to the Euclidean one. This module is intended to show how mathematical concepts can be applied to rhythm generation. It's based on how many integers are detected in an abstract time ramp crossing a grid of values.
A first run of tips and an example containing a tiny sequencer.

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