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CHOP is a granular chopper (for Ableton 10). It uses special 4096 sample-sized wavetables (Glottal Pulses, Gaussian Functions and more) to cut the amplitude of an incoming signal at full audio resolution, using [gen~] for its core engine.
It can act either as a rhytmic stutter or a distortion/waveshaper if used at very high frequencies, or if used with wavetables derived from samples. You can upload custom wavetables into it,although we suggest to respect the 4096 sample size to keep the right tuning.
It features a phase resetting sequencer to have a duty cycle control over the wave modulation.
CHOP can act as a parameter modulator too.

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Developed by Weightausend (Matthias Girardi)
Technical support by T.U. (Luca Favaro)
GUI & Design by SY/IN (Alex Ortiga)

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